Music that encourages and uplifts.  Concerts that engage and edify.  Lyrics that inspire and speak life. Experience all this and more with Aaron Clark & Ministry. With songs that address real life circumstances and direct the listener to Jesus Christ, it is apparent that Aaron Clark & Ministry are on a mission to reach the masses for the Kingdom of God through music. This dynamic gospel ensemble delivers far more than music that invokes praise and worship - they are committed to living a lifestyle of worship, believing that an example of Christ in their everyday walk is what wins souls and changes lives.

Aaron Clark & Ministry is a talented group of singers and musicians based out of Springfield, Ohio.  Singing together for over eleven years, this group produces a sound that is unified and causes God to be glorified. For the past  years, Aaron Clark & Ministry have been blessed to share the word of God, through music, at venues across the country, committed to taking God’s word where ever the Lord leads them, and they are always prepared to share  a "right now rama word” that will reach people no matter what situations they may be facing, in their lives.


Minister Aaron Clark, director of the group, currently serves as  Minister of Music and multi-skilled musician at Restored Life Ministries in Springfield, Ohio, under the leadership of Pastor: Senior Servant, Jermaine Maynard. 

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